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Surrendering an unwanted litter

As part of our ethical approach to reducing the numbers of homeless dogs and cats, we run a last litter program. This program entails the surrender of the entire litter, and in return we desex the mother of the puppies/kittens at one of our affiliated vet clinics, at no charge to the pet owner.


Please fill out the surrender application below to see if we may have spaces in the program. Microchipping and vaccination of the mother is also highly recommended however will be at your own cost.


PLEASE PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING: A current photo of the mother dog or cat. A photo of the father if known. A photo of all the puppies/kittens born to the mother.  Any certificates ie- desexing, vaccinations. If microchipped, the microchip details and a change of ownership form or signature, or the ability to arrange a change of ownership. Details of any worming completed including date and brand of wormer  ** THESE ITEMS CAN BE EMAILED TO

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